AWARE Domestic and Sexual Violence Services
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Economic Empowerment Program

AWARE’s Economic Empowerment Initiative assists participants in achieving economic stability and self-sufficiency during confidential one-to-one meetings. Referrals are made to appropriate agencies for additional assistance. Specific support services include: use of AHS “Screen Door” (a screening tool); referrals to Tangible Assets programs; assistance with tax returns; debt management and reduction; access to credit scores and help with credit repair; assistance with applying for affordable housing and other financial assistance programs. Participants learn a variety of financial strategies such as opening bank accounts, balancing a checkbook, borrowing basics, debt management, strategies for creating a budget and saving money, paying their own bills, obtaining sources of income through employment, child support or other financial assistance programs, and finding safe and affordable housing and discovering the importance of good credit.

Youth Programs

AWARE provides support to children and teens through prevention education, individual advocacy, and group support.


AWARE offers free and confidential advocacy and support services for teens around Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Violence, Stalking and Bullying issues.

Support Groups

Many different support groups are offered for children of all ages, from Pre-K through college students. Most are offered through the schools, during the school day. Topics can include domestic violence, sexual violence, peer aggression, healthy relationships, body image, positive leadership skill development, and more.

Education Programs

AWARE offers educational programs to youth of all ages through schools in our area. These classes cover a variety of topics from violence prevention to awareness building to healthy sexual development.

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HParticipants Enjoy time with a Horseorses for the Heart

Provides adult and youth victims/survivors of sexual and domestic violence with Equine Assisted Learning in addition to their involvement in other support activities.  The overall objective of the program is to help adults and youth rebuild their confidence, trust, self-esteem, body awareness, and feelings of safety. Horses for the Heart is a solution-oriented approach, with its basic foundation resting on Gestalt, Reality, Solution-Oriented, and Rational Emotive therapies. The horse acts as a metaphor for relationships, effective in confronting behaviors/attitudes of the participant because of their honesty, ability to observe and respond to nonverbal communication. This creates an opportunity for the participant to reflect on their own responses to their life situations which involved being a victim of violence and find solutions to help them gain back their sense of self empowerment and trust. Being large, powerful animals, horses help participants overcome fear and to develop confidence in a naturally intimidating situation that is not easily forgotten.  Being experiential in nature, Horses for the Heart is an opportunity recognizing that our participants, using their abilities to meet their needs, have many of their own answers.