AWARE Domestic and Sexual Violence Services
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AWARE's mission is grounded in non-violence and strives to prevent and heal the trauma of domestic and sexual violence in such a way that all people are empowered to act towards themselves and others with awareness, empathy, respect and personal responsibility. Honesty, compassion and transparency are vital elements in meeting the needs of our community. Those seeking our services are our priority. We also focus on prevention and educational leadership.

AWARE, a non-profit organization established in 1984, is dedicated to resolving the causes and effects of domestic violence and sexual assault in the greater Hardwick area. AWARE provides services year-round, 24 hours a day, governed by a volunteer board of directors, utilizing paid employees and numerous volunteers.  AWARE serves the towns of Cabot, Craftsbury, Greensboro, Hardwick, Stannard, Walden, and Woodbury.

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values & focus

AWARE values excellence, fearlessness, and acceptance while striving to meet the needs of those individuals involved with our organization, whether one is seeking services, serving on the board of directors or as an employee or volunteer. We honor boundaries and empower individuals to find their own path to freedom from violence and encourage holistic healing, self-awareness and self-care. Honesty, compassion, and transparency are vital elements in meeting the needs of those involved with AWARE. Those seeking services are our priority, along with prevention and educational leadership in our community. Financial stability is of utmost importance both to the organization, its’ participants and for those that work at AWARE. A balance of vitality for all involved is an important goal of this agency. AWARE believes in collaboration and is open to new ideas, honoring opposing viewpoints and individual experiences.  We strive for excellence and seek improvement in all we do while caring for ourselves and others with the utmost respect.

AWARE provides services year-round, 24 hours a day, governed by a volunteer board of directors and utilizing paid employees and volunteers.  AWARE focuses on two priorities: crisis intervention and community education.  Advocates are first responders in crisis situations involving domestic and sexual violence, operating a 24 hour hotline where callers can speak to an advocate who can inform them of their legal rights and options, be connected to other community resources, and provide immediate necessary assistance which may include access to financial assistance and safe haven. Victims experiencing abuse who call our hotline, or are referred by police, family, or friends, need immediate and concentrated assistance, support, and information. AWARE advocates can provide services and support from the initial emergency to long term planning and support.  AWARE also provides in depth legal advocacy services and support and information to families of victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 

AWARE also plays an important role in our community and we are focused on a future where our community can be transformed; where things are done differently and together as a community, we can build something new. AWARE envisions a community where there is space for those ready for change to gather, to hear other viewpoints, and to dream big; looking at a future where there is true transformation and where all people thrive, all voices are heard and represented, and where decisions are made collectively with care and consideration for all. Programs are designed to intervene effectively in crisis situations and to educate all segments of the community to participate in prevention of domestic and sexual violence.